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Race track days

Andrew’s Track days

Laguna Seca, Monterey & Thunderhill, Willows

Imagine being in a 90-100 degree race track for a good 10 hours. The sun is strong, the ground is hot. Every car that comes into the paddock may have just exhausted a quarter tank of gas/track run (about 30-45 min/session). Engines are hot, breaks are scorching…. every person checks their car to see if every part is holding through the fast turns, the hot temperatures and the quick stops. That is the life behind the fast-track. Thank God that not all tracks are that hot, like Laguna Seca – which was a beautiful cool day –  but there are times I had wished that I had a gallon of cold water to dump on me.

Although it’s not racing but merely running the track as fast as one can (passing only when needed or when signaled to, depending on the group you enter in) it is still quite exciting and breathtaking… going at speeds of 40-120, driving in a blur into and out of turns. That’s what my husband craves for… feeling “the need for speed” as Goose and Maverick would say in Top Gun.

So, as any good wife I tag along. It’s funny, I’ve even seen parents bring their baby and both of the people take turns on the track. Eventually that seems to be the dream Andrew has. For now though, I’m just content on being a photographer. These are the photos I’ve managed to muster up in the heat and the cold cool days. Still perfecting the shots… especially as we’re going to Infineon this weekend. Need just that one shot that will say it all!

Note: All pictures edited by Andrew

Laguna Seca – Monterey, CA – 4.13.09



Mindy in a blur

Mindy in a blur

Thunderhill – Willows, CA – 6.19.09

This track was little harder to deal with, especially as 1) its usually 90-100 degrees there and 2) the track was so far away. These pictures were mainly taken by our 70-300 telephoto lens (a few were not).





This was in Andrew's car while on the trial run







checking oil levels

Andrew's secret juice... jk

Andrew's secret juice… jk

lone tower...

lone tower…

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