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Amsterdam, Netherlands

During our Cluj-Napoca trip, we stopped in the Netherlands, overnight, on our way back. It was definitely a place I’m glad to see once but will never go back again. A country where prostitution is legalized, Amsterdam’s nightlife was definitely not lacking.

Beware though, for any ignorant travelers to this city, don’t go walking down those narrow, seemingly, one-way streets. You’ll get more than your eye full of something you may not want to venture into… But for those whose lifestyle includes those little, narrow streets, this place could be “heaven for you”. Drugs and sex… that’s what Amsterdam is all about at night. There are “coffeeshops” all over that aren’t exactly for coffee… but cannabis.

Besides all the cons about this country, there are two pros: 1) the city was absolutely and deceivingly beautiful at night; & 2) the food was delicious… but expensive. Pork fat spread for your bread anyone?

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