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Yosemite (4.11-4.12.11)

This trip to Yosemite was my third trip in the past two years. Surprising, considering that before Andrew, I never got to go back to Yosemite for some 15+ years.

Honestly though, I’ve throughly enjoyed all our trips to this beautiful piece of God’s creation! The first time turned out to be an “expecting a baby” photoshoot with great friends. The second trip to Yosemite was a brief one day family camping trip – right after a wedding weekend up north in the Bay Area & one day before a two week trip to Romania. Talk about a hurried last minute trip that landed me sleep deprived for over 48 hours. But no matter, I actually found out I could ride a bike on the trip.

So looking back at our previous two trips, sufficed to say, this trip was probably the best and most relaxing time I’ve had – except, of course, the two freezing 20 degrees and below nights in a Curry Village tent that just refused to stay warm. This trip was definitely “for photography only”. We also spent a good $190 to take a 4 hour class in order to learn the prime spots to take pictures around the park. Although that class was not as productive as we desired, the output of pictures were definitely better than we expected. Also, they’ve turned out better than our previous trips. Hopefully you’ll think the same!

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