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Adi’s Small Photoshoot (8.31.11)

This photoshoot came up all because of a conversation about how his Skype picture was terrible and too serious. For someone who loves to laugh & smile a lot, Adrian definitely needed a new picture.

So, on Wednesday morning, he comes to me and says (something like): “I am ready. I have a tie, dress shirt and a suit with me, can we do a photoshoot today.” And, as usual, my response was “of course”.

This was done with just natural lighting and a simple on-body flash to add light to the light already provided by the windows.

One thought on “Adi’s Small Photoshoot (8.31.11)

  1. Loridsen

    06 Sep on 2011 at 4:41 am

    Definitely Glamorous! 🙂

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