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How much we’ve grown

When looking back at things, it’s really amazing how much we’ve grown within these past 3 years. More so, I’m glad that we have grown and haven’t been stagnant and unmoving.

As we are updating and improving the look at this blog, I was sorta forced to look at all our work. I needed to decide what is deemed worth to present on this blog. Because of this, I actually had to go back and re-edit our older work. Perhaps I should have left it as is because it shows our growth. But then again, I couldn’t let it stay that way – especially when I know I can do so much better now.

The specific pictures I reworked on were some of the best that we took during our Tikko-Erich Light Side Workshop.

Here are the results!

Click on picture for better view 🙂

Here’s one with a texture overlaid over the edited photo. The texture gives an even browner tone to the picture.

So what we’ve learned is – as shown in these pictures:

1) How to soften the skin using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
2) How to use presets to get the feel and colors we want
3) How to burn backgrounds and control the main focus of the picture
4) How to use textures to create a different feel
5) How to sharpen and enhance facial and body features – even do tummy tucks and what-nots.

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