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beautiful no matter what…

One of the major joys I’ve experienced from our relocating to San Diego is the friendships that we’ve been able to establish and grow.  One, in particular, this beautiful woman, always brings a smile to my face because I’ve come to love her so much. To think that we’re almost 10 year apart… hahah makes me feel extra old.. but yet, it seems so appropriate…

These  few college students, that I’ve grown to love, have definitely given me the opportunity to love upon them as an older sister, taking care of them, honing and sharpening my mothering skills. It’s definitely brought me so much joy to see them grow and change. I can’t help but thank them for letting me love upon them… in probably some of the only ways that I can.

For her successful passing of her instrument tests, I treated her out to a day at the zoo. 🙂 Here are some of the photos of her and us from that day! The rest of the zoo photos are in our zoo post: https://ax2d.com/2013/02/20/presidents-day-san-deigo-zoo-visit-2-18-13-san-deigo-ca/

The reason why I named this post “beautiful no matter what” is because I don’t think there will be a moment in time where I won’t think of her as one of the most beautiful young woman I know. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her!

So here we go.. Ms. Kayla 🙂


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