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All About Aiden Huang

Age: 6 months and 16 days old (28 weeks today)
Weight: a little over 17 lbs
Height: 28 inches

Newfound Interest:
1) blowing raspberries at every chance I get.
2) grabbing everything in sight.. especially when mommy and daddy aren’t looking
3) putting everything in my mouth
4) showing off when mommy or anyone tells me to turn over!

Foods I love:
1) Boobies… who wouldn’t?
2) Sweet Baby Peas
3) Kabocha Squash (mommy’s favorites)
4) Carrots

Foods I don’t like:
1) Pears

Things I like:
1) Pretty Women
2) Car rides
3) Mortimer the Moose
4) Sophie the giraffe
5) Music

Things I don’t like:
1) sitting still
2) being rocked
3) getting my face lotioned up

Things I’m working on:
1) turning over to my right from back to tummy (I get stuck… my head is too big)
2) crawling forward (I can only crawl backwards)
3) turning from tummy to back
4) getting into a crawling position.

Weird things i do:
1) Look drunk when i’m SOOO tired and way past my bedtime.
2) Laugh at everything when i’m SOOO tired and way past my bedtime.

to be continued…


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