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Our Little 1 YO (Year Old)!

The reason why the above photo is our featured image is because her hands have always been the one thing I love the most. Her long slender fingers, they were so expressive from the start. There was never clenching or fisting as a newborn. Her hands were so capable form the womb – ready to explore, touch and feel the world. 

When we found out we were having a girl, we felt our world turn upside down. My father-in-law thought it was impossible for a highly dominated male family to ever have a girl. He was totally wrong.

Fast forward 15 months, we now have a toddler girl who loves running around, laughing, sitting on my lap and making everyone know she’s there. She’s a crazy mix between my two older boys.

She loves to laugh.
She loves being on the bike with her father and scootering down the road – not kidding you on this.
She is SOOO opinionated and is amazingly communicative and just very sure of what she wants.
She loves to sing and is found humming a song through-out the day. Albeit.. her songs all sound oddly like the Baby Shark song  😂
She is so girly in so many ways – giggles and laughs when she sees funny faces on her clothes – but she also loves playing with cars and can make a really awesome “vrooooom” sound.
She loves terrorizing her brothers – to the point of her brothers “banning her” and “locking her out” of their room with fear that this little terror will demolish, obliterate and destroy any creations they have made.
She loves food! She sometimes eats more than her second brother.
She’s like a puppy… if you ever have snacks, ice cream or anything that is not food – at the opening of a wrapper, popping of popcorn or crunching of an ice cream come – you’ll see her round the corner and she’ll immediate say “please” in all the ways she can – vocal and sign. IF you dare to move away, she’ll chase after you – fixed and lock on you until you relent to her pleas.

You don’t know just how much we love you baby girl! You are such a blessing to this family of ours! You don’t know how much you have been a blessing to me! I love you soooo much!

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