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Seattle is the place to be!

Between up and coming great restaurants, delicious coffee and beautiful greenery surrounded by so much water – the Puget Sound, Seattle is definitely THE PLACE TO BE!

Seattle is an awesome place for a vacation or a get-away. But only if you have a place to stay. I was lucky to stay at a good friends house for the week I was there! Thank God, because hotels are expensive in Seattle!

Not only are hotels expensive, but as I was hearing, everything else is as well! Seattle has become the next big tech city! With many major Silicon Valley companies opening up secondary offices in Seattle and many startup companies opening offices, real estate prices have gone up and the cost of living is going up. So, I was so lucky to visit when I had the chance.

A Mommy get-away

This time’s trip was different though. It was my personal get-away.

I told Andrew:

“if you are planning on leaving me with the kids for 2-3 months (to fly in Alaska), you’d better let me get away for a week”.

So, to Seattle, I went – for the second time within a year. Crazy huh? But this time, I did have some great excuses. Not only did I need to get-away, I really wanted to visit a good friend who will be continents away at the beginning of next month! So, Seattle seemed like the best place to be! And hopefully, the next time I do a get-away, it will be either Spain or Japan :).

A photographer’s dream place?

When I booked my plane ticket, it was about 1-2 months in advance. I wanted more out of this trip than just rest and relaxation. I felt it was a great opportunity to continue to polish my newly acquired skills in photography (Thanks, Katelyn James). So, I asked whether or not it would be possible to find 3-4 people who might be needing a photoshoot of some kind. And with some luck, I had three clients waiting for headshots – one being my friend! So, I was totally psyched! I packed my camera – for the first time in a long time, and headed to Seattle with so much anticipation. Sure enough, Seattle is an awesome place for photography!

Pike’s Place Public Market
Starbucks Reserve
Good pizza & great coffee!

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