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Jennifer * PACCAR Hall/UW, Seattle, WA * 5.02.2019

High School was where we met. Ironically, we didn’t even go to the same school! In reality, I owe our friendship to an old-flame! But, of all the people I knew and met there, Jen was probably the only one I felt I could be myself, 100% honest. Unfortunately, we lost touch somewhere along the way and didn’t find each other until 2012, when we moved to San Diego!

Thanks to Facebook, I knew she wasn’t terribly far away from where we moved! Being in a new place, it is always great to find a friend or have someone you know nearby! Ever since we met again, we’ve tried harder to be in each other’s lives – whether it’s FaceTime, gifts or texts.

I wasn’t able to meet her while she was in Virginia, but Seattle wasn’t too far away. We were finally on the same coast and finally in the same timezone. During my first trip to Seattle, I even took my youngest with me. But this time, I needed a personal get-away. It was also my last chance to see her and her family before they left to go overseas! This photoshoot was definitely one for the books! It was also in commemoration of her graduating UW!

Not only is this woman beautiful, but she is also talented and fearless! She is a mother of 3 beautiful girls, has an RN degree, is a Naval officer. And, just this month, she graduated from a full-time program at UW and now has a business degree!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorites from our session at PACCAR Hall!

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