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What direction are you headed?

It’s alright to look back. Because sometimes you just have to.

I’m sitting here contemplating direction. Where am I off to? Where am I going? And, of course, thinking about our direction and goals requires us to look backward/in retrospect at where we’ve been.

This was definitely a retrospective day. I made a small compilation of my favorite photos from these past 2 years.

It’s okay to ask for help…

It made me think about how much I’ve grown and still have so much growing to do. It made me ask, what exactly is my type of photography? The response I got were these:

It was so good to hear praises from such awesome photographers – as those from this Facebook group. It made me put into perspective where I’ve come from and where I really want to head. I want timeless photos. I want natural and classic. Perhaps, light & airy isn’t going to stay around.

So, is Ax2D Photography a light and airy photography company? Yes and no. I can definitely get light and airy. But at the same time, I really love natural/true to life colors, boldness and vibrancy that my camera can output. Like I said, I want my photos to be classic and withstanding time.

In all honesty, I just simply want to give my clients photos that they love and will make them smile every time they look back on it. I want them to look back at these photos and say….

” I had so much fun during this session. I could really be me or us!”.


“It was so easy to work with her. She made us feel so comfortable and not silly. Our kids loved her and that’s all that matters!!”

Like I said on my facebook post:

“It’s great to see progress in my style. At the same time, it makes me think about how much more I need to grow and develop my so-called style!

Change is always good! Growth is always needed. If you’re at a standstill, you should think about where you are going and whether or not you’ve made it there. Have a goal. Find a direction! Keep pressing forward and don’t stop learning and evaluating yourself.

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