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Photos are memories frozen in time. They are there to remind us of the laughter and fun that we may have forgotten all together

The most genuine smile comes from a laugh – from a funny joke or a playful jab. It is when people break out of the serious pose that you find the most genuine smiles. With this, posed photos often lose the genuine story and spark that lies within a family. Of course, every photoshoot requires at least one or two posed photos, but when we look back at each photo shoot, it’s the in-between moments that we capture the most beautiful pictures.

So, if we were to describe our photography, we are definitely a lifestyle and documentary photography company. We aim to capture you/your family at its best.

We know it’s not an easy investment, but, from our personal experience, photos are priceless. Because for us, they have become the only memory that links us to our past and our memories. Time flies! Kids grow up sooo fast! And often in the busyness of life, we forget things along the way. But the photos will always be there!

So, show me the story behind your family! And I will do my best to capture and freeze it into a memory.

We have 3 major packages!

Just me (and you)
Simply Family Portrait Packages includes:
1) Location of choice
2) 30 fully edited photos downloadable online.

The more the merrier Portrait Package includes:
1) Location of choice
2) 30-40 fully edited photos downloadable online.

for all additional photos (which can be anywhere from 50-100 photos)