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Photos are memories frozen in time. They are there to remind us of the laughter and fun that we may have forgotten altogether.

The most genuine smile comes from a laugh – from a funny joke or a playful jab. It is when people break out of the serious and rigid poses that you find the most genuine smiles.

But who says posing for photos needs to be boring? On the contrary, some posing could be a lot of fun! That’s the posing we love! For us, we hope that it’s the experience you’ll remember. You will always have the photos, but hopefully, those photos will bring about the memories of the sweet and fun experience you’ll have with us! We want you to be part of our family!

What’s your photography style?

So, if we were to describe our photography, we are definitely a lifestyle and documentary photography company. We aim to capture you/your family at its best.

We’ve once asked people “how would you categorize/describe our style”. And this was their answer:


Your investment is important to us too!

We know it’s not an easy investment, but, from our personal experience, photos are priceless. Because for us, they have become the only memory that links us to our past and our memories. Time flies! Kids grow up sooo fast! And often in the busyness of life, we forget things along the way. But the photos will always be there!

So, show me the story behind your family! And I will do my best to capture and freeze it into a memory. AND all the while, give you the best experience you’ll ever have! For us, it’s not just an investment, we hope to become your friends!

So, I know it’s one thing to talk about ourselves, what do our clients say about us?

These are our 2019 Ax2D Portrait Packages
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