2018 Eastlake Little League Fall Ball/Tball * Eastlake/Chula Vista, California

Didn’t think this period of time in my life would come so quickly, but one out of three of my kids is finally old enough to “Play Ball!”

Coming from a more artistic family – with a father who loved to sing, play guitar, listen to classical and broadway music – sports wasn’t exactly at the top of our list. In my family, sports equated to broken bones and hospital visits… roll my eyes. As a child, I did band & choir. PE was the only time I actually did sports – despite the fact that I was always rather good at running and could throw pretty well for a girl. So, when time came, I didn’t know what to expect. To top it off, Andrew decides to be the coach of Aiden’s tball team. Yup, very fitting to his personality, with Andrew it’s always “You gotta go big or go home!”

With all honesty, it was fun to see these little kids playing ball. Not all of them knew what they were doing, but seeing them in their outfits and doing their best, it became quite alot of fun to watch. You couldn’t help yourself and you just wanted to cheer for your team and for everyone else playing! Of course.. you gotta “root for your home team!” Sooo rooting I did.