YES those shoes you see, all too often, on social media ads! THOSE SHOES that are: 1) made from recycled bottles; 2) are recyclable themselves and 3) fully machine washable (gently please!)

It’s ironic because, if you ever decide to look for shoes online, somehow, all of the sudden, your social media outlet – whether it’s Facebook or Instagram – becomes bombarded with shoe ads. Big brother knows what you are looking for and will stop at nothing to send you the ads to give you what you need! Scary huh?

Taking the Plunge

Well, I finally gave in to Rothy’s. I owe it all to sweet Kim for it. Before we started our photoshoot, while I was in Seattle, she shared with me how she can be on her feet – in Rothy’s – all day long and be completely okay. She loved them so much that she has a little collection of them. How could I not be bought by such great salesmanship??!?!

Sooo I had to give them a try. Before I bought them though, I did a little research. I needed to figure out which size to buy. Because my feet are wide I had half size up in Rothy’s from my usual 7.5 – meaning a size 8. I chose the flats vs. pointy toes because I just don’t think I can cram my feet into points (maybe, one day I might give it a try). To my amazement, at first wear, there was no tightness whatsoever and are quiet comfortable! They molded to my feet right away and didn’t give me a single blister! I have yet to romp around in them for a whole day, but I will write and update when I do!

Are you sold?

So, now what do you think about Rothy’s now? Well, in our household it’s 1.5 yo approved! 😂. My baby girl has been slipping them on her little feet almost once a day! She just can’t resist.

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